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Asset Protection, Trusts, Estate Planning
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asset  protection, trusts, estate planning

Asset Protection

We recommended consulting with an attorney for virtually all aspects of estate planning and asset protection planning. Estate planning services range from drafting of basic wills and living trusts, with the objectives of probate avoidance and tax mitigation, to significantly more sophisticated estate planning strategies for high net worth clients including lifetime giving and charitable giving strategies, irrevocable trusts and family limited partnerships among other vehicles and estate freeze strategies, including other types of asset protection. Look for an attorney with experience in international taxation and creditor laws of tax havens and debtor friendly jurisdictions to optimize the effectiveness of asset protection strategies. Tax attorneys can also advise and represent clients serving as fiduciaries of trusts in the execution and fulfillment of fiduciary and tax duties of their office.



Your tax attorney should also provide assistance in numerous areas by applying their experience and creativity to ensure tax favorable results. In an extremely complex area of law, a qualified tax attorney ( past irs agent )  provides easily understood advice and treats all clients with individual attention, understanding not only the tax issues involved, but also the business considerations of their clients.


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