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Business Taxes
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Tax Planning, Tax Structuring, Taxing Transaction

Tax Planning and Tax Structuring

A qualified tax attorney will have vast experience in assisting clients to make the best use of the flexibility and tax-advantages provided by partnerships, LLCs, and other pass-through vehicles. They will also be able to assist their clients in the use of corporations, providing advice with respect to all stages of the life-cycle of these entities, addressing issues with respect to their formation and operation, as well as issues resulting from combinations or other restructurings. Helping clients achieve the most tax-efficient results when they are considering investing in, or transferring their interests in, existing corporations, partnerships, LLCs and other flow-through entities.


Taxing Transactions

A core part of business taxes is structuring the purchase and sale of businesses to minimize taxation.Tax Attorneys will advise their clients, whether sellers or buyers, with respect to both taxable and tax-free transactions and assist them in developing tax-efficient structures for their transactions. Mindful that tax considerations often must be balanced with other objectives and issues, working to devise strategies that achieve the desired tax results without forfeiting other important goals.

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